Digitalization is imposing lots of open questions regarding our lives as humans in cooperation with machines. What synergies result from the now possible interaction of humans, animals and plants on the one hand and machines on the other?  in other words what are the consequences and challenges of the interaction between natural and artificial intelligence? This extended interaction will change our lives to a considerable extent. These changes are associated with great opportunities, but also risks. In order to deal with this important topic in an interdisciplinary manner, the Braunschweigische Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (BWG) set up a commission on Synergy and Intelligence: Technical, Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Interaction of Living and Non-Living Entities in the Age of Digitization (SYnENZ) in 2017. Sanaz is a member of this committee and has written a paper about “Cooperation using Swarm Intelligence” in the newly published book. Take a closer look at the technical, ethical and legal challenges which are published in this book.

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