Flying Robots

FINken-III is the newest genration of our flying robots (copters) with more power, better communication and more sensors (click here for more details about the FINkens)


  • Optical flow sensor with sonar ranging towards ground
  • (Optional: Infrared distance sensor towards ground)
  • Tower of 4  sonar ranging sensor
  • 802.15.4 based phase-difference ranging between copters and anchors
  • PaparazziUAV board (Lisa/M 2.1) - with floating point support
  • 802.15.4 Communication Modul to communicate to ground station and between copters


Rolling Swarm 

Rolling Swarm is our new platform for swarm robotics. We have 60 of these robots which can be used to perform various collective behaviors such as exploration in unknown environments and geometric pattern formation. 



Driving Swarm

Currently we are creating the next platform for swarm robotics. Driving swarm will be a swarm of 30 Turtlebots that use ROS as their operating system. Tasks will include foraging, collective search and formation. In addition the turtlebots will be used to research more detailed robotic behaviours like collective planning, stygmergy and navigation.



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