Carlo Nübel

Research and Teaching Associate

M.Sc. Carlo Nübel

Faculty of Computer Science
Chair of Computational Intelligence
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg, G29-016

Carlo Nübel started his studies at the Otto-von-Guericke University in 2017 and finished his Bachelors Degree in Sports Engineering in 2021 followed by the Masters Degree in Computer Science in  2024. He joined the working group in May 2024 as a Research and Teaching Associate. His Research fields are Computational Intelligence in Games and Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms.

  • Carlo Nübel, Alexander Dockhorn, and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Match Point AI: A Novel AI Framework for Evaluating Data-Driven Tennis Strategies

  • Accepted at IEEE Conference on Games, Milan, 2024

  • Stefan Pastel, Katharina Petri, Chien-Hsi Chen, Ana Milena Wiegand Cáceres, Meike Stirnatis, Carlo Nübel, Lasse Schlotter and Kerstin Witte
  • Training in virtual reality enables learning of a complex sports movement

  • Virtual Reality 27, 523-540 (2023). DOI:


  • Computational Intelligence in Games

    • Tutorial Summer 2024


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