Software Project Swarm Intelligence and Swarm Robotics SS 2015


  • Christoph Steup
  • Sanaz Mostaghim

Time and location

  • Time: The first meeting will take palce on April 15th 2015 at 13:00 (Note: If you are interested to take this project, you must attend this meeting in which we assign you in groups)
  • Location: G29 - 035


All Topics are available on master and bachelor level. The individual topics will be clearified on the first meeting and adapted based on the background and individual skills of the students.

Available Topics:

  • Avoiding Walls with Quadrocopters: Our FINken copters shall fly robust and safe in our arena in G29-035. This is the baseline functionality needed to implement higher order swarm behaviour. To this end, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the used sensors and adapt existing algorithms like attraction and repulsion to avoid the walls. Focus in this topic is the evaluation of the sensors and the robust behaviour of the copter.
  • Cooperative Control of Hight: This topic aims to provide a first showcase of swarm behaviour. Currently our copters are able to control their hight autonomously, but only with a statically coded hight value. In this task 3 are fixed in test setups, so that they are only able to change their hight. The copter shall react to external interference and change their height accordingly in a swarm.
  • Controlling Quadrocopters using external Signals: This topic aims to provide a non-communication based control of the copters. To this end, a beamer is installed on the ceiling of our lab. On the other hand the copters are equipped with a color sensor detecting individual pixels of the beamers picture. Based on the color of an area of pixels the copter shall move in a certain direction.
  • Flying in Formation: This topic is a simulation topic. We implemented a simulation environment for our copters to test their behaviour without the danger of destryoing them. Since formation flying is a quite dangerous task we want to have some basic formations implemented in the simulation, which may later be evaluated on the real copter.



  • Avoiding Walls with Quadrocopters:
    • Raziyeh Ghassemi
    • Jan Sabsch
    • Dominik Hamann
    • Daniel Thyen
    • Miroslav Slavchev
  • Cooperative Control of Hight:
    • Fabian Witt
    • Steven Brandt
    • Kanwal Jahan
    • Jawad Ahmad
  • Flying in Formation:
    • Vladyslav Buriakovsky
    • Andrei Stein
    • Marcus Kamieth
    • Stefan Georgiev
    • Nithish Hulikanthe Math

More topics are yet to come. And special topics are available on demand.

If students have own ideas we will gladly try to provide appropriate topics.

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