Keynote Talk at IJCCI 2020


On Wednesday 4th November, Sanaz gave a keynote talk at the 12th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence (IJCCI) 2020.

Title: Collective and Individual Decision-Making in Swarm Robotics


Abstract: Autonomous systems are becoming more and more ubiquitous and their influence on our lives grows every day. In the last years, computational intelligence methods have – more than ever - extensively contributed to the latest scientific breakthrough in developing such intelligent systems. Nevertheless, one major challenge concerns the real-time reactions of autonomous systems to the unknown dynamics in their environments which is considered to be among the grand challenges in this area. This talk is about multi-objective decision making algorithms in Swarm Robotics. It will give an overview about the design issues and the challenges in real-time applications in robotics and computer games. In most of such applications, the decision makers (robots or agents) must find and select one possible optimal solution in a very limited time frame. This is very challenging, when the environment dynamically changes as the decision maker needs to re-optimize and decide on the fly. Multi-objective decision making algorithms in dynamically changing environments will be addressed and applications in Swarm Robotics will be presented. The results on individual and collective decision making are represented.

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