Human Swarm 2024

08.06.2024 -  

Thanks for attending the Human Swarm event 2024. Here are some of the results. Altogether 120 participated in the swarm. 


Colors: 32 Blue, 30 Pink, 29 Yellow and 29 Green 

Shapes: 35 Square, 23 Triangles, 18 Pentagon and 44 Circles 


Task 1: Collective Perception - Color (Which color is in majority?)

The swarm converged to green - Not correct (This could be because the two colors yellow and green were very similar). 

Task 2: Collective perception - Shape (Which shape is in majority?)

The swarm converged to circle - Correct 

Task 3: Sorting the colors 

Task 4: Sorting the shapes

Task 5: Sorting the numbers 

Task 6: Scrabble: Very long words are built.

More analysis and videos will follow soon. 



If you are interested to read more, you can refer to our article: 

  • Sanaz Mostaghim and Sebastian Mai

Here is the first video:



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