Sebastian Mai

Sebastian Mai

Faculty of Computer Science
Chair of Computational Intelligence
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, G29-013

Sebastian Mai studied computer science in Magdeburg beginning in the B.Sc. in 2010 and graduating as M.Sc. in 2018. During that time he designed and manufactured the FINken robots for Flying swarm and was a memeber of Netz 39 e.V. Now he is working as a research and teaching associate. His main areas of research are Swarm Intelligence and Robotics.



Research Direction

I study swarm robotics in theory, simulation and on real hardware. The goal of my research is to find navigation strategies of individual robots with local communication which lead to optimal behaviour for large groups of agents.





  • Sebastian Mai and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Collective Decision-making for Conflict Resolution in Multi-Agent Pathfinding
  • Accepted at ANTS 2022


  • Sebastian Mai and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Multi-Objective Roadmap Optimization for Multiagent Navigation
  • Accepted at IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, 18 - 23 July 2022, Padova, Italy


  • Sebastian Mai, Nele Traichel and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Driving Swarm: A Swarm Robotics Framework for Intelligent Navigation in a Self-organized World
  • Accepted at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 23-27, 2022, Philadelphia (PA), USA


  • Sanaz Mostaghim and Sebastian Mai


  • Sebastian Mai and Sanaz Mostaghim 
  • Modelling Pathfinding for Swarm Robotics
  • In: Dorigo M. et al. (eds) Swarm Intelligence. ANTS 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12421. Springer, Cham. 2020.


  • Jens Weise, Sebastian Mai, Heiner Zille and Sanaz Mostaghim
  • On the Scalable Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problem
  • 2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC 2020 - Conference Proceedings

  • 10.1109/CEC48606.2020.9185585



  • Sebastian Mai, Heiner Zille, Christoph Steup and Sanaz Mostaghim 
  • Multi-Objective Collective Search and Movement-based Metrics in Swarm Robotics
  • ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) Companion, Pages 387-388, ACM, Prague, Czech Republic, July 2019 --> Link


  • Sebastian Mai, Christoph Steup and Sanaz Mostaghim 
  • Movement-based Localisation for PSO-inspired Search Behaviour of Robotic Swarms
  • Accepted at the 11th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ANTS 2018), Rome, Italy, October 2018


  • Sebastian Mai, Christoph Steup and Sanaz Mostaghim 
  • Simultaneous Localisation and Optimisation for Swarm Robotics
  • Accepted at 2018 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI), December 2018


Profiles on other Sites

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Lectures and Tutorials

  • Tutorials for Swarm Intelligence Winter 2018/19
  • Seminar Swarm Robotics, Summer 2019
  • Team Project Driving Swarm, Summer 2019
  • Tutorial for Swarm Intelligence Winter 2019/20
  • DE-Project: Multi-Robot Navigation for Driving Swarm Winter 2019/20
  • Team Project: Localisation and Sensor fusion in Driving Swarm Winter 2019/2020
  • Seminar "Hot Topics in Computational Intelligence" Bachelor, Summer 2020
  • Seminar "Hot Topics in Computational Intelligence" Master, Summer 2020
  • Tutorials for Swarm Intelligence Winter 2020/21
  • Teamproject: Perception and Representation of Obstacles in Driving Swarm
  • Teamproject: Evolutionary Robotics with Driving Swarm


Supervision of Thesis Projects


  • Alexander Tracht
  • Evolutionary State-Machine Robotics on TurtleBot3
  • Bachelor Thesis, OVGU
  • Supervision: Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Advisor: Sebastian Mai
  • September 2020



  • Jonathan Beckhaus
  • Bachelor Thesis, OVGU
  • Supervision: Sanaz Mostaghim
  • Advisor: Sebastian Mai
  • July 2019




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