Ada Lovelace Breakfast

02.10.2015 -

On Friday October 2, we hosted another Ada Lovelace breakfast in SwarmLab :-)




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30.09.2015 -

On Saturday 19.09.2015, Sanaz gave a lecture about Swarm Intelligence in KinderUni at the University of Magdeburg. After the lecture, the children (8 to 12 years old) attended a swarm game. It was really nice! Thanks to our KinderUni students :-) 







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Farewell Party for Kei Harada

14.09.2015 -

Kei Harada from Doshisha University, Kyoto (Japan) visited our lab for about 6 months. The members of Lab organized a farewell party for him:


We enjoyed working with Kei and hope that he visits us very soon again! 


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CIG Course: Team Machete won the first prize!

09.09.2015 -

Axel Garcia and the Team Machete from the course Computational Intelligence in Games won the first prize in the Fighting Game Competition at the IEEE Computational Intelligence in Games Conference, which was held from 31 August to 2 September 2015 in Taiwan:

Here to the results:




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Prof. Tomo Hiroyasu visits the SwarmLab

On Sunday and Monday August 23 and 24 Professor Tomo Hiroyasu from Doshisha University in Kyoto visited our SwarmLab.



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Sommerakademie 9.08. - 22.08.2015, Ftan, Schweiz

Sommerakademie 9.08. - 22.08.2015, Ftan, Schweiz

Sanaz co-organized a summer school about "Von Siegern lernen" together with Rolf Wanka (University of Erlangen).



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Firmenstaffel Magdeburg 2015

14.07.2015 - Heiner and Sanaz attended the Firmenstaffel Magdeburg 2015 on July 9th. Here a group pictures with other members of our institute:



SwarmLab at IdeenExpo

03.07.2015 - You can visit our swarm of robots from Saturday 4 to Sunday 12 July at IdeenExpo 2015 in Hanover Location: Halle 9.



Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft

04.06.2015 - Over 250 people attended our swarm experiment on Saturday May 30 and 197 people actively took part in the experiment.

You can find more information about the experiment including the pictures and videos here.



SwarmLab at RoboCup German Open 2015

04.05.2015 - 4 of our FINken-II robots were flying in a swarm at the German Open RoboCup 2015. Here the photos and a video:






GECCO 2015

26.03.2015 - The results presented by our students at the Computational Intelligence in Games software project are accepted to be presented as a full paper at GECCO 2015 conference. Congratulations to the team "TopBug" (Martin Hünermund and Jens Dieskau)!


Ada Lovelace

09.03.2015 - Our faculty celebrates the 200th birthday of Ada Lovelace. You can find more information about Ada and all her engagement in Informatics here.


Human-Swarm Experiment

20.02.2015 - The Chair of Intelligent Systems will organize a Human-Swarm Experiment on 30th May at 19:00. You are welcome to participate in this experiment! More information ...


Ada Lovelace Breakfast

01.12.2014 - The first Ada Lovelace Breakfast was organized by the Chair of Intelligent Systems on Friday 28th November. The goal of the Ada Lovelace Breakfast is to gather women in Computer Science.



Mastan Shaik joins our team as a research student

28.11.2014 - Mr. Mastan Shaik will joins us from the 1st of December as a research student. Welcome!


Xenija defends her Bachelor Thesis

28.10.2014 -

Xenija Neufeld will defend her Bachelor Thesis.

Time and Location: Thursday 6 November at 15:00 in Room G29-035

Title: "Developing a Human-Like Bot to Win a Turing-Test in Computer Games"


You are welcome to attend! 

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Get Together

23.10.2014 - Our newly established group celebrated the first get together evening :-)





09.10.2014 -

09.10.2014 - On Friday October 10th, Robert Garden will give a talk about his research. You are welcome to attend:

Titel: Analysis and Classification of Benchmark functions and guide-selection strategies in particle swarm optimization

Room: G29-035

Time: 15:00 Uhr


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New Member

29.09.2014 - Heiner Zille has joined the Intelligent Systems Group as a research and teaching associate.


CIG 2014

01.09.2014 - Xenija Neufeld won the second place at the student video competition at CIG 2014. Here is a link to Xenija's video for human-like bot competition:

Her program got the fourth place in the competition, which can pass the Turing test with 35.7%:


There were three teams present at the CIG 2014: left to right (Spain, South Korea, Germany, Spain)

Thanks to FaRaFIN for their great support!

Human-Like-Bot Competition Teams


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