5-7 May - RoboCup GermanOpen

Our team is going to participate at the RoboCup-GermanOpen competitions: May 5 - 7 

We got the third place at GermanOpen :-) 




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Master Defence Nithish Math

27.04.2017 -

Nithish defended his Master Thesis which was done in cooperation with the University of Bolzano on 

Multi-Objective Success Factor Analysis of IT-based Startups




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27 April - Grirls and Boys Day

SwarmLab hosted three students for the Girls and Boys Day. We discussed about Artificial Intelligence, Swarm Robotics and Swarm Intelligence. The students took a look at the facilities in SwarmLab and learned how we build our robots with 3D Printer and printed their own designed objects. They also had the opportunity to fly the flying swarm and work on the Rolling Swarm platform. 



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20 April - Ladies Night at Max Planck Institute

Sanaz gave a talk at the Ladies Night in Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg.

You find more information about this interesting event here. 




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SwarmLab at CeBIT 2017

Visit SwarmLab at CeBIT 2017 - March 20 - 24: Halle 06 / Stand B24






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Exam Swarm Intelligence

03.02.2017 -

The grades are online. During checking the exams, we discovered some nice pieces of art  :-) 

IMG_6838 IMG_6840 IMG_6843


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X-Mas 2016

19.12.2016 -

Group meeting at Christmas Market 2016 


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SwarmLab under renovations

15.12.2016 -

SwarmLab is getting new furniture and a brand new "BLUE" color :-) 

We will be done with the renovations by December 22nd.



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Cristian Ramirez's last day at OvGU

02.12.2016 -

Cristian's last day in Magdeburg: We wish him all the best and hope that he visits us very soon again! 






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PhD Retreat Weekend

12.11.2016 -

The team members organized a retreat weekend for scientific writing :-) 

Thanks to the Graduate School of the university for the financial support. 





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RoboCup 2017

26.10.2016 -

Our RoboCup team is getting ready for GermanOpen and WorldCup 2017 :-) 



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CIG International Competition

23.09.2016 -

Our students from the course Computational Intelligence in Games got the second place at this year’s international Competition on Computational Intelligence in Games in Santorini, Greece.

Congratulations to them and well-done -->


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Working Group

22.09.2016 -

We celebrated the graduation of two of our Master Students, Florian Uhde and Andrei Stein :-) 




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Jim Bezdek in Magdeburg

26.08.2016 -

From September 12 to 16, Professor Jim Bezdek visited Swarm Lab. Here some pictures:

IMG_5731 IMG_5757

IMG_5753 IMG_5733




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Plenary Talk at IEEE WCCI 16

29.07.2016 -

On July 29th, Sanaz gave a Plenary Talk at IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence about "Decision-Maker Swarms":


Swarm intelligence is one of the popular approaches in computational intelligence. It models a collective behavior of simple individuals with simple rules and local interactions. In nature, swarm intelligent systems are known to be flexible, robust against failures and adaptive to the changes in the environment. This talk presents the theory of swarm intelligence and its application in technical systems. The major focus is on the methodologies for social and cooperative behavior of technical systems in unknown environments. Particularly, multi-objective decision-making at runtime in dynamic environments will be addressed. The application and the corresponding challenges in swarm robotics using flying objects and real-time simulations in dynamic environments will be presented.







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Computational Intelligence in Games Competition

06.07.2016 -

Thanks to our CIG students, Acagamics and FaraFIN for organizing the event!

The students of the CIG course organized the 2016 "OvGU Computational Intelligence in Games Competition" on July 6th, 2016. The winners are:

1st Position: (Ichiban-Chan AI)

1. Anna Schmeier
2. Daniel Pohlandt

2nd Position: (DoomAI)

1. Prashanth Siddagangaiah
2. Ajay Jason Andrade

3rd Position: (OttoNorrisAI)

1. Robby Henkelmann
2. Tilman Reipsch
3. Alexander Simmer




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RoboCup 2016

28.06.2016 -


RoboCup-Team under our supervision at the worldcup in Leipzig: 30 June - 4 July 2016

Congratulations to the team: We got the 4th place at @Work league and 1st place at the cross-over challenge --> To the results 




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Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016

23.05.2016 -

On Saturday 21st May, over 1000 people visited SwarmLab. The highlight was the live television broadcast program at 19:15 on MDR.

We presented our Mixed-Reality Swarm: One flying robot flying in autonomous mode and two others in simulation. The three of them were connected to each other using the concepts of Swarm Intelligence: Flying while keeping a swarm formation.

Additionally we presented our 4 flying robots which have a swarm behavior and fly like birds -without direct communication with each other- and keep the same height. They only use ultrasound sensors to feel where the other swarm members are.

The third program was the Rolling Swarm. The visitors could play a game with the rolling swarm and collectively solve the game.


LNDW16-SwarmLab-MDR SwarmLab-MDR

LNDW16-SwarmLab-1 LNDW16-SwarmLab-2  LNDW16-SwarmLab-3 LNDW16-SwarmLab-4 LNDW16-SwarmLab-5 LNDW16-SwarmLab-6 LNDW16-SwarmLab-7

more pictures here.

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Rolling Swarm

20.05.2016 -

Rolling Swarm: Visit our new members in SwarmLab on LNDW16: May 21st in Room G29-035






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Xenija's Interview is Online

18.05.2016 -

Here you can see the interview with Xenijaät/Nachwuchs+fördern.html


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