Computational Intelligence in Games Competition

Thanks to our CIG students, Acagamics and FaraFIN for organizing the event!

The students of the CIG course organized the 2016 "OvGU Computational Intelligence in Games Competition" on July 6th, 2016. The winners are:

1st Position: (Ichiban-Chan AI)

1. Anna Schmeier
2. Daniel Pohlandt

2nd Position: (DoomAI)

1. Prashanth Siddagangaiah
2. Ajay Jason Andrade

3rd Position: (OttoNorrisAI)

1. Robby Henkelmann
2. Tilman Reipsch
3. Alexander Simmer




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RoboCup 2016


RoboCup-Team under our supervision at the worldcup in Leipzig: 30 June - 4 July 2016

Congratulations to the team: We got the 4th place at @Work league and 1st place at the cross-over challenge --> To the results 




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Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016

On Saturday 21st May, over 1000 people visited SwarmLab. The highlight was the live television broadcast program at 19:15 on MDR.

We presented our Mixed-Reality Swarm: One flying robot flying in autonomous mode and two others in simulation. The three of them were connected to each other using the concepts of Swarm Intelligence: Flying while keeping a swarm formation.

Additionally we presented our 4 flying robots which have a swarm behavior and fly like birds -without direct communication with each other- and keep the same height. They only use ultrasound sensors to feel where the other swarm members are.

The third program was the Rolling Swarm. The visitors could play a game with the rolling swarm and collectively solve the game.


LNDW16-SwarmLab-MDR SwarmLab-MDR

LNDW16-SwarmLab-1 LNDW16-SwarmLab-2  LNDW16-SwarmLab-3 LNDW16-SwarmLab-4 LNDW16-SwarmLab-5 LNDW16-SwarmLab-6 LNDW16-SwarmLab-7

more pictures here.

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Rolling Swarm

Rolling Swarm: Visit our new members in SwarmLab on LNDW16: May 21st in Room G29-035






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Hasch mich, ich bin ein Copter

Mitmach-Experiment  -- Lange Nacht der Wiseenschaft 2016

In diesem Mitmach-Experiment können einzelne Personen einen Copter teilautonom steuern und müssen dabei versuchen einen virtuellen Copter zu fangen. Der andere Copter verwendet Methoden der Schwarmrobotik um dem menschlich gesteuerten Copter zu entkommen. Dabei werden die Grundlagen der Schwarmintelligenz und -Robotik interaktiv vorgestellt und erläutert. Zusätzlich können die Zuschauer erkennen, wie die Kombination von Virtuellen und Echten Robotern genutzt werden können um  komplexe System zu verstehen und mit wenig Aufwand zu parametrisieren.

Wann: 21. Mai 2016, um 19:00 Uhr

Wo: SwarmLab der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg Raum G29-035




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Xenija Neufeld is in the news

One of our PhD students Xenija Neufeld is in the news today:



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CeBIT 2016

SwarmLab was present at CeBIT 2016: We gave a talk and presented a swarm of four flying FINken-II robots. 






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Official Opening of SwarmLab

On Friday 19.02.2016, we had the official opening of our SwarmLab. 

Marco Tullner (State secretary) and Dr. Tauber (general secretary of CDU) together with the president of the university visited our SwarmLab.

Click here for more information in German.








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Visitors from Max-Weber-Program

Last Friday (15th January), a group of students from Max-Weber-Program visited the SwarmLab. It was a very nice experience for us to share and discuss our newest research with them! Thanks for visiting us, Lukas, Moritz, and Julian! 






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Ada Lovelace Breakfast

On Friday October 2, we hosted another Ada Lovelace breakfast in SwarmLab :-)




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On Saturday 19.09.2015, Sanaz gave a lecture about Swarm Intelligence in KinderUni at the University of Magdeburg. After the lecture, the children (8 to 12 years old) attended a swarm game. It was really nice! Thanks to our KinderUni students :-) 







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Farewell Party for Kei Harada

Kei Harada from Doshisha University, Kyoto (Japan) visited our lab for about 6 months. The members of Lab organized a farewell party for him:


We enjoyed working with Kei and hope that he visits us very soon again! 


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CIG Course: Team Machete won the first prize!

Axel Garcia and the Team Machete from the course Computational Intelligence in Games won the first prize in the Fighting Game Competition at the IEEE Computational Intelligence in Games Conference, which was held from 31 August to 2 September 2015 in Taiwan:

Here to the results:




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Prof. Tomo Hiroyasu visits the SwarmLab

On Sunday and Monday August 23 and 24 Professor Tomo Hiroyasu from Doshisha University in Kyoto visited our SwarmLab.



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Sommerakademie 9.08. - 22.08.2015, Ftan, Schweiz

Sommerakademie 9.08. - 22.08.2015, Ftan, Schweiz

Sanaz co-organized a summer school about "Von Siegern lernen" together with Rolf Wanka (University of Erlangen).



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Firmenstaffel Magdeburg 2015

14.07.2015 - Heiner and Sanaz attended the Firmenstaffel Magdeburg 2015 on July 9th. Here a group pictures with other members of our institute:



SwarmLab at IdeenExpo

03.07.2015 - You can visit our swarm of robots from Saturday 4 to Sunday 12 July at IdeenExpo 2015 in Hanover Location: Halle 9.



Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft

04.06.2015 - Over 250 people attended our swarm experiment on Saturday May 30 and 197 people actively took part in the experiment.

You can find more information about the experiment including the pictures and videos here.



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