CI-Organized RoboCup @Work German Open


Start of German Open 2022 at Festung Mark


The AG CI organized this year's German Open of the @Work League. The setup day ended today and there was already some action going on. The next two days are filled with competition runs. For more information, please visit the Instagram of the robOTTO Team.

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RoboCup Team Recogtion at the City Hall

27.04.2022 -

Our RoboCup Team got the third place at the WorldCup 2021. This was recognized by the Mayor of the City Magdeburg, Dr. Trümper, who asked the team to sign in the golden book of the city. 





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New Edition of the Computational Intelligence Textbook

06.04.2022 -

The third edition of the Computational Intelligence Textbook is published: 

More information can be found on Springer:

Or here:




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Sanaz as a new member of Saxon Academy of Sciences


Sanaz has been appointed to be a new member of Saxon Academy of Sciences (Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften - SAW). More information about SAW taken from the webpage of SAW "It is founded in 1846 under the name of Royal Saxon Society for the Sciences, the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities. ... More than 200 scientists of all disciplines meet regularly to exchange views, examine methods and results of specialist studies in interdisciplinary discussion and engage in long-term basic research."


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SwarmLab in Postdoc-NeT-AI "Robotics and AI"

07.03.2022 -

Together with several well-known prestigious AI and Robotics labs in Germany, SwarmLab hosted several PostDocs from across the world. This was planned as part of the Postdoc-NeT-AI "Robotics and AI" program by DAAD.

Christoph and Sebastian presented their robotics research at SwarmLab.


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Faculty research award 2021

12.01.2022 -

Jens Weise received the Faculty of Computer Science Research Award 2021. Congratulations!

In the same ceremony, Professor Kruse gave the best student research award which is called "Rudolf Kruse Award" to Anne Rother. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 13.40.40



Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-12 um 13.45.42







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reAdopt - ROS-enabled autonomous driving for passenger transportation

02.12.2021 -
In the recently started teaching project reAdopt, students from the faculties of computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering work together with scientists from ifak e.V. and the OvGU to implement concepts of autonomous driving on a real vehicle. Based on an EasyMile EZ10 shuttle bus, the students will use the open robot framework ROS to run the shuttle autonomously on the Galileo test field in Magdeburg. Under the guidance of the scientists, the students have to solve problems such as sensor fusion of various vehicle sensors and time-critical control of the drive system. The implementation of a graphical user interface is also one of the project tasks. The aim of the project is to introduce students to the topic of autonomous driving practically and to extend related topics of courses given at the university in this field. Interested students who are looking for a research project or a thesis are welcome to contact Dr. Christoph Steup from OvGU or Philipp Hörnlein from ifak.
#autonomesfahren #ROS #EasyMile #OvGU #ifak

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Palina's PhD Defense

12.11.2021 -

Palina Bartashevich successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations on the excellent work! 


PHOTO-2021-11-12-14-22-24 5




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Best Student Paper Award

28.10.2021 -

Simon has received the best student award for his paper "The Dynamic Role Mining Problem - Role Mining in Dynamically Changing Business Environments" which he published at the 13th International Conference on Evolutionary Computation Theory and Applications (ECTA/IJCCI). 



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BMBF Project Meeting - MOSAIK

16.09.2021 -

Finally after a long time of having only digital meetings, we could meet for the first time since 2020. Many talks, presentations and the highlight was a hackathon. We could even organize a social event in Laser Tag :-) 








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LNDW 2021

29.05.2021 -

On Saturday 29th May 2021, we presented three projects from SwarmLab and the Chair of CI at the Long Night of Science 2021, Digital (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft LNDW21). 

Project 1: OVGU Bot (by Xenjia Neufeld)

Project 2: CIcker - Season 1 

Project 3: oTToCar 

 to be uploaded

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CIcker Season 1

20.05.2021 -

In preparation for the long night of science 2021 (Digital), we made a movie from our CIcker Project Season 1: 

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Carolo Cup@Home 2021

25.03.2021 -

Our robotic team "oTToCAR" successfully took part in the Carolo-Cup 2021.

The competition took place under special circumstances caused by the ongoing Corona pandemic. The team performed the driving @Home and received the 4th place in the Basic-Cup at Carolo-Cup@Home.

Further details are available in the dedicated article written by the team.


Teamfoto Carolo-Cup 2021 Scaled

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New Blog for CIcker Season 1 Project

01.03.2021 -

We are starting a blog about our new Robotic Game AI platform "CIcker". In this blog, we will regularly post about this project, which we call it CIcker Season 1. 

The goal of this project is to let AI play against a human player. This project is initiated by three students who visited the robotic activities at SwarmLab and visited the course Computational Intelligence in Games

This is called Season 1, since in this season we will have AI against human. In Season 2, we aim to have AI against AI. 

CIcker - Season 1


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DoktorandenTag 2021

15.02.2021 -

Mahrokh and Jens presented their PhD programs at the doctoral symposium of the faculty of computer science. Jens received the best presentation award: 


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SYnENZ Book online

25.01.2021 -

Rudolf Kruse has edited a newly published book on Synergy and Intelligence: Technical, Ethical and Legal Challenges of the Interaction of Living and Non-Living Entities in the Age of Digitization (SYnENZ). 

The Chair of CI has also contributed to this book by the paper: 



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Sanaz as the new vice president of IEEE CIS

01.01.2021 -

Since January 2021, Sanaz has been apoointed as the vice president of member activities at IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS):




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Xenija defended her PhD


Xenija successfully defended her PhD! Congratulations for this great achievement!!

IMG_9587 copy

IMG_9596 copy

IMG_9605 copy



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CIG Competition Award Ceremony


The CIG Heathstone competition award ceremony took place. The two winning teams Alexander Babel, Jann-Martin Kias (Bachelor) and Nils Bonhof, Jon-Miles Graeffe were very happy to be given the prices from the sponsoring companie AxeTrading and regiocom.

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